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Oil Mosaic

4.2 ( 3912 ratings )
Фото и видео Развлечения
Разработчик Masanori Katsuta
1.99 USD

Only trace a photograph! An oil-painting mosaic is applied!

Fusion of a photograph and oil painting.
This is just new feeling and is of art.

Privacies and private information proctection.
Such as a person reflected in a photograph to exhibit.
Making the art of the new feeling with which a photograph and oil painting were united.

- Front camera / Back camera
- The same photograph resolution as camera performance
- Portrait / Landscape
- Use of a camera roll
- Use of a photo library
- Easy tracing edit
- Zoom & scroll
- Roughness control
- Gradation control
- Brush size control
- Brightness control
- Brush form (circular/rectangle)
- Mosaic brush / Restoration brush
- Undo
- Save to a camera roll (Mail sending possible, iOS5:Twitter possible)